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Established in Cincinnati in 2011, Steam Whistle Letterpress specializes in handset greeting cards printed with vintage wood type and halftone cuts.

You can find our letterpress greeting cards and other specialty products in our online shop as well as in retail shops across the country, the UK, and Canada!

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Few new steps to the ol' Vandercook shuffle tonight... #letterpress #printmaking #vandercook
Q: Are we not men? A: We are hanging out in the shop with Mark Mothersbaugh.
Step up your #letterpress game! Grab our new
Poster time.
Got the delivery bolted back on the 425 - running some makeready sheets thorough to test it. #vandercook #letterpress
This whole goddam thing was installed backwards so the drain plug for the reservoir is a) completely inaccessible and b) pinned tight against the frame. Can't just take the system apart and spin it because it's got 4 gallons of oil ya can't get out and the 5horse motor mounted on top. I'm thinking its probably the factory oil. 😕

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